private buliding




external elevations


residential compound

 1-Site Analysis
At the beginning, we study and analyze the site and nature of the project's land. We decide the natural levels, dimensions, directions, and movement of the sun within the area. We also analyze the natural resources of the sea or any natural view along with the entrances, exits, the main roads, and sub-surrounding the site.

2-Architectural Designs
We will prepare the architectural and constructional drawings of the project from the horizontals and sectors, the general site, and the facades that imitate the site. We also define its characteristics with the functions. We do the internal and external drawings to benefit the marketing plan of the project before implementation.

3-Excutive Drawings
We do the accurate implementation with accurate drawings for all the details and technical specifications. Based on this, it is possible to obtain estimated measurements of the required work, technical inventory of quantities, and access to accounts for each contractor on a time basis. We can then do an estimation of the construction process time.

  4-and Finally, Supervision
The work of the site is monitored by the team to ensure the project is executed accurately. This helps us to achieve a complete vision without changing the engineering drawings. This way, we will perfectly simulate the building shape and overall function

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