Urban Planning

Is a branch of our business where we can design projects with an area of more than 10,000 square meters and study the planning and analysis of entrances and exits and roads and services needed to plan a whole new area.


This project may be a new hotel, residential complex, integrated health center or commercial mall. We have a great experience in this area and we gradually complete our work from the project planning to the interior design, the landscaping and the architectural design of each building in the project with the executive drawings For each stage
Is the coordination of parts of the city and its study in all aspects of functional, visual, economic, social and commercial, which aims to reach a new vision sophisticated and facilitate life and work in it and solve problems of slums and the accumulation of population and passage.
Our office can help in this area by evaluating the community and finding engineering solutions to the urban problems to meet the needs of the community of housing and services, organizing traffic and visual coordination.

Site Analysis

We analyze the site from the entrances, exits and roads. We also study the general location, the location parameters, the contour lines and the wind and sun directions in the site.


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